Our Mission: Food, Education, Medicine

Our Impact

Founded by Dr.Arutla Kamala Devi & Arutla RamaChandra Reddy, we operate with a single-minded focus of empowering 20000 Rural Indians. We are bringing together best global practices, corporate thinking and accountability, highest standards of corporate governance to create a model of sustainable development, which is an industry benchmark and replicable at scale.


Our USP is a 360° intervention inside-out model of development, with a multiplier effect. Our holistic approach covers all aspects of individual and community development through 4 key verticals –    Women Empowerment & Life Skills, Education, Health & Medical, Youth & Sports, Agriculture & Farmers. Our strength is our strong team of dedicated Full-time staff and volunteers..


In 25 years, we have reached out to many hamlets across Aleir and Nalgonda districts of Telangana created a positive impact on the people in and around the districts with our welfare programs.



                   “By empowering young people, improving individual and community well-being, and inspiring action, we aim to create                                                meaningful change across the Society”

With a goal to empower and to improve employability, human capital and enabling individuals to deal effectively with the demands of everyday life. After a thorough assessment of the Community, Local Needs, Demographic needs the Foundation has designed their Programs to benefit the larger section of the Society.



Tailoring: Multiple Programs on Tailoring were conducted since 2012 and more than 1200 participants were able to reap the benefits of the programs.


Embroidery, Paper bags Making, Gift Candles Manufacturing, Agarbatti Manufacturing, Pencil Manufacturing:  Various Programs on Embroidery, Paper bags Making, Gift Candles Manufacturing, Agarbatti Manufacturing, Pencil Manufacturing have been started in the year 2014 and benefitting more than 600 Participants.


Arutla Foundation aims to holistically transform schools – improve infrastructure, provide scholarships and undertake training for principals & teachers. Designed Educations programs to address a balance of three areas: knowledge, attitude and skills.


Spoken English have conducted multiple programs benefitting more than 230 participants


Computer Training the Foundation have been conducting this program since 2014 and successfully conducted 41 batches and benefitting 796 Participants


NMMS Training For Government School Children started this program in 2023 and successfully trained 600 students


Study Material Distribution & Exam Requirements activity has been actively conducted since 2022


Arutla Foundation has been conduction multiple programs on distribution of Walking Sticks to the elderly population of the society since 2022 and as of now more than 12000 elders have benefitted from this program.


The Foundation has been extending Financial Support to the Needy People requiring specific medical treatment & Medical Surgeries.

With a focus to empower the young people to reach their full potential the Foundation has been conducting various programs.


SI & Constable Fitness Training and Classes: The Foundation has been successfully conducting the training the program since 2021 helping the youth to build the competitive approach and achieve their goals.


Yearly Sports Meet: The Foundation have been conducting the yearly sports meet in the constituency of Aleir encouraging the youth to participate and with create a Healthy Society since 1998.


Sports Material Distribution to the Villages: The Foundation has been distributing the Sports Materials in the village since 2022.


Provided Sports Material for Anganwadi Centers: The Organization has been providing the Sports Material to the Anganwadi schools since 2022

The Foundation has been conducting the Awareness Programs to Farmers on New Techniques in Agriculture and Cultivation since 2019 and benefitting more than 60 farmers.

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