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Extend A Helping Hand; Give Hope.

Dr.Arutla Kamala Devi & Arutla RamaChandra Reddy – Foundation registered in the year 2002 in memory of Telangana peasant movement leaders with an objective of helping the unprivileged in villages.


The foundation takes up initiatives helping youth and common people. Mr. Ramachandara Reddy believed that education and awareness supplement a person to sustain in the society. Hence the foundation studies the need of trainings to the homemakers, students and adults which can help them become self employable. Regular sports tournaments were organised to mark importance of physical fitness and sportive spirit among the youth. Many other events are organised on special occasions of importance.



Any activity that brings awareness among the people of the villages is undertaken. Particularly, the areas which stop the villagers learn or do without visiting the urban area are made possible to them.



We welcome the dedicated volunteers to be part of the foundation by extending their services in the form of helping the school children, homemakers and the youth of the villages to empower them in becoming self employable.



The designed activities can be scaled to a larger community if we break the financial hindrances. Make a financial contribution to carry out a specified activity with your name.



Please spread the message of serving the under privileged in the villages which in turn builds a strong nation.

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