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Political movements have started rather late in Hyderabad state. Before 1920 there were no people’s movements in Telangana region. Though the libraries like Sri Krishna Devaraya Andhra Bhashanilayam were established they had functioned as separate entities as individual organizations and had not gained any form of people’s movement. During 1920 Gandhiji led the Indian Freedom movement and had transformed it into people’s movement. Only then its effect was shown on Telangana and awakened a desire among the educated to serve the country. People started movements or agitations in Nizam’s rule to gain their rights and privileges.

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There was pure Jagirdari-Zamindari systems was in force in Nizam State. The Nizams supported the British imperialists and formed a totalitarian rule in addition to that the exploitation of the people that had taken place under the jagirdari system. Thee were no political rights. Liberty and freedom to the people. There was no citizenship. If the people wanted to hold a meeting, they had to submit an application and had to wait for months. Telugu language was suppressed and even the primary classes too were run in the Urdu language. Students were forced to learn and study only Urdu. The Government followed communication which is but natural to any feudal system.

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